A mock up of how a Switch VR headset might look
Image: Antoine Beynel

The topic of virtual reality on Switch seems to reappear in conversation every few months or so, with new rumours or speculation giving slight hope to the idea actually coming to fruition. While there are several reasons why a Switch VR setup doesn't seem entirely plausible - with the weight of the system being one - this new find is certainly an intriguing one.

A Twitter user going by the name of @random666_kys, who enjoys writing homebrew and modding tools for Switch, has stumbled across this screen on the system. As you can clearly see, the screen allows for a VR Mode to be tested, eventually splitting into two equal displays (as is the case on standard VR devices) and asking the user to move the console away from their face before pressing the 'close' button. 


Does this mean that we'll be getting VR on Switch, then? Well, maybe. This screen was found thanks to a piece of code that was actually added to the system during its 3.0.0 update back in June 2017; reading 'SetVrModeEnabled', this code would suggest that Nintendo has been toying with the idea for over a year at least, going as far as to implement it - to some degree - into the system itself.

The last official word we had on the matter was from Nintendo France Managing Director, Philippe Lavoué, who reiterated Nintendo's previous statements on not being interested in VR support. Going as far as to suggest that VR headsets still wouldn't appeal to mainstream audiences, Lavoué's words seemed strong and absolute, but is the idea secretly being explored regardless?

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