If you're not familiar with the Nintendo 64 mouse, after this video you certainly will be. YouTube channel Critbox has managed to complete Super Mario 64 - collecting 70 stars and defeating Bowser - using this rare and official peripheral. 

Exclusive to Japan, the old-school ball mouse was bundled with the 1999 Nintendo 64DD title, Mario Artist: Paint Studio. It has two buttons - acting as A and B - and relies on swiping movements to mimic the analog stick on the Nintendo 64 controller. Unsurprisingly, Critbox found the mouse to be exceptionally accurate when firing Mario out of cannons. 

Is this the most impressive gaming feat yet? This follows a Mexican speedrunner who recently completed the infamous Turbo Tunnel in Battletoads blindfolded and various other people in the past who have beat games using DDR dance mats and racing wheels.  

Take a look at the supercut video above and tell us if you're impressed. 

[source kotaku.com]