One debate that has been present for decades now across social media, on Nintendo Life's very own comment sections, and even in - you know - real life communication, is the correct pronunciation of 'NES'. Yes, the NES, or Nintendo Entertainment System, is home to the beginnings of so many classic Nintendo franchises like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, but nobody has ever been able to agree on how you actually say the thing's name. Until now.

Options in the past have included the likes of 'Nez', 'Ness', and 'Enn Eee Ess', and no matter how much you believe it to be one way or another, there will always be someone nearby who will claim otherwise. The answer to this age-old conundrum comes from WarioWare Gold of all places, the latest entry to the mischievous Mario villain's series on Nintendo 3DS. 

As you can see, according to Nintendo - via the Japanese version of the game's museum area - the true pronunciation is 'Ness'. The Japanese characters on screen suggest that it should have a soft 's' sound, as opposed to a harsher 'z' sound, and the idea of saying each individual letter is nowhere to be seen.

Will this finally end all of the squabbling? Probably not, but at least we finally have an answer to fall back on should we need to win any arguments.