As technology continues to improve, so does the equipment inside our everyday automobiles. Video game devices in cars aren't exactly new, but we couldn't help but question what exactly was going on in one Facebook commercial posted by Honda Australia last month. The commercial plays out just like you'd expect from any car advertisement - until the people in the Honda Jazz pull over to play Super Mario Bros. 3 with some SNES Controllers on a screen that appears to only accept HDMI compatible devices, no less. 

Initially, we thought this was a teaser for the Nintendo Switch Online service until those Super Nintendo controllers popped up. We then suspected it was a SNES Classic Mini powered by the car's HDMI port but, of course, Super Mario All-Stars isn't included on the SNES Mini, and Super Mario Bros. 3 itself is actually a NES game.


Honda Australia provided the following explanation when asked what exactly the HDMI port in the car could be used for:

The HDMI can be used to input any HDMI-capable device to the 7-inch colour display. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions!

After much thought, this leaves us wondering whether or not Honda even has the permission to display the Nintendo game and hardware, especially as they don't actually match up. Is this actually running on some kind of emulator, or even a hacked SNES Mini? Is the image simply being used as an example while being technically inaccurate? Who knows? The controllers actually appear to be wireless, too, suggesting that they could even be from 8BitDo's range rather than the real deal.

Take a look at the Facebook commercial below and tell us what you think is going on (you may need to view it in full screen or via Facebook to see things properly). Does this make you want to rush out to buy a Honda anytime soon?