Pokemon Quest

When the free-to-download title Pokémon Quest was launched on mobile at the end of June, it generated $3 million in revenue in its first week, with a total of 3.5 million downloads.

It’s now been a month since the game's release and Sensor Tower is reporting players have spent more than $8 million on the mobile title during this period. The largest source of revenue is from players in Japan, who make up 34 percent of spending in total. The US places second at 24 percent and interestingly South Korea has contributed an additional 12 percent.

According to Sensor Tower, the majority of revenue has come from iOS players - making up "66 percent of spending versus Google Play’s 44 percent". Spending has slowed overall since the launch of the game, with daily gross revenue coming in at around $30,000 on both mobile platforms. The best day for the game on mobile was apparently on 30th June - grossing more than $580,000. The download total is now around the 8 million mark.

Have you made a monetary transaction in Pokémon Quest on mobile? Are you playing the Switch version? Tell us below.

[source sensortower.com]