Pokémon Quest only launched on mobile a week ago, but the bitesize pocket monster adventure has already generated $3 million in revenue.

Sensor Tower reports that the mobile edition of the game has amassed "approximately $3 million in global player spending" during its first week on iOS and Android devices. The game, which is a free-to-start title that offers in-game purchases, has also reportedly been downloaded 3.5 million times on mobile so far.

Interestingly, Apple users seem to be spending the most on the game, generating 56% of income as opposed to Google Play's 44%. The largest chunk of revenue has also come flying in from Japanese players, accounting for around 31% of total spending.

Pokémon Quest also had a successful launch on Switch just over a month ago, generating over a million downloads in just a couple of days. It would appear that the mobile version has been even more of a hit, however, which is perhaps unsurprising considering the vast difference in number between Switch owners and mobile device owners. It might not have had the frankly ridiculous success seen by Pokémon GO, which has now comfortably generated billions of dollars in revenue, but it certainly isn't a bad effort by any stretch of the imagination.

Have you been playing Pokémon Quest? Did you decide to play it on Switch or mobile? Let us know below.

[source sensortower.com]