Horizon Zero Dawn Image

Panic Button has become an overnight sensation on the Switch. The talented developer has shot to fame with quality ports such as Rocket League, DOOM and more recently Wolfenstein. During an interview with comicbook.com about the studio’s latest happenings including Warframe, the company Founders and Technical Directors provided an amusing answer to a question about the game they would most like to port across to the Switch if they could work with any franchise they wanted.

The collective response was the PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. The reasoning behind this is its stunning story and expansive universe which would presumably push the developer to its limits. Bringing the conversation back to reality, Panic Button’s Studio GM and Director of Development said the team would like to see more retro games ported across to the Nintendo’s hybrid platform in the future. 

What game would you most like to see from Panic Button in the future? Are you a fan of its work on the Switch? Tell us below.

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