NES Classic Mini.jpg

The idea of Nintendo selling miniaturised versions of its classic gaming hardware is still too good to be true. While there’s been plenty of discussion in recent times about how there should be better support for digital retro libraries on modern devices, clearly there is a huge demand for standalone legacy systems.

According to the industry tracking firm The NPD Group, the NES Classic Mini was the top-selling console across North America in June 2018 in terms of unit sales. This is the first time the NES has led in the monthly unit sales since the charts originally began in 1995. This resurgence of the device impacted the wider market - with hardware sales across all platforms totaling $350 million. Compared to the previous June, this is a 52 percent increase in sales. 

When the NES Classic Mini was first released towards the end of 2016, Nintendo struggled to keep up with the demand. Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime even admit at the time the company hadn't been expecting such level of interest in the product. The system was eventually discontinued in 2017 until it was recently re-introduced this year due to the sheer demand. 

Would you like to see more devices similar to the NES Classic Mini from Nintendo? Or would you prefer the company focuses on the future and adding proper retro support to the Switch? Tell us below.