Yesterday, Square Enix broadcast a special live stream for the upcoming Switch release, Dragon Quest Builders 2. Apart from the announcement the sequel would be arriving in Japan on 20th December, it was also revealed Koei Tecmo helped Square Enix during the development of the sequel. 

Its primary focus was to enhance the action segments of the game after the original was criticised for falling short in this area. Given Koei Tecmo's history, we assume action translates to the game's combat aspects and perhaps more active gameplay moments. 

The game's developers also revealed two waves of DLC would be released, after players of the original Dragon Quest Builders requested post-launch content support.  

New gameplay footage was shown as well - including a new dash action, more camera angles and a function to craft in bulk. Check out the latest footage in the stream above at the 42-minute mark. Introduction movies for the male and female protagonist have also been uploaded (as can be seen below): 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is expected to launch in the west at some point in 2019. Are you excited about this sequel? Did you play the original game on the Switch? Tell us below. 

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