Hollow Knight

With the third and final Hollow Knight content pack - Godmaster - now available, Team Cherry recently spoke about the game's development process on the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast. One of the more interesting topics discussed was regarding the secrets and hidden areas within the game. 

Team Cherry's Ari Gibson explained how Hollow Knight doesn't necessarily prompt players to find every secret like other games do, and wasn't necessarily concerned if not everyone made the same discoveries:

We didn’t stress too much about it. It’s probably obvious from the game, but we didn’t build something [where] we expect people to see everything as they go through. As we’re making content, all we think is that someone will probably see this stuff. And if people come upon it and uncover something new, and feel like maybe this is something that not everyone has discovered, that makes it more special for that person. That makes the experience a lot more impactful than feeling like, oh, I found this thing, but everyone’s probably seen this because the director’s hands have nudged me to see it.

Have you had a special video game moment like this before? Did you unlock super secret content or access an extra special area within a particular game? Have you played Hollow Knight and found secrets in it? Tell us below.

[source gonintendo.com]