Kirby Exclusive Star.jpg

First 4 Figures are known for producing premium models based on popular video game characters. In recent times we’ve seen Banjo-Kazooie and Shovel Knight figures and now the talented team has revealed Warp Star Kirby - the fourth model in the Kirby resin statue line.

This latest creation is available in two versions. The exclusive edition (as seen above) includes a built-in LED light-up function within the Warp Star section of the statue and the regular edition of the model (below) does not include this feature.

Kirby Regular Star.jpg

Here are the dimensions: 

Height - 12 inches (30cm)
Width - 12 inches (30cm)
Depth -  15 inches (38cm)
Weight: 7.55KG

Both versions of the model will set you back $349.99, with pre-orders for the exclusive statue only available until 4th September. On 7th August you’ll need to return to the website and validate your order for the Day One edition of the statue. The current estimated release is Q3 2019. Take a look at a full rundown of the statue in the one-hour long video below:

Does an expensive Kirby Warp Star figure interest you? Have you ever bought a statue from First 4 Figures? Tell us below.

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