Yet another weekend is upon us, which naturally means that it's time for another Talking Point feature! If you're lucky enough to have some free time over the next few days, you may well be planning to sink some of it into your favourite Nintendo games - which is exactly what Team NL is going to do! We've got online shooters, speedy hedgehogs, and glorious RPGs on the go this time around. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Jon Cousins, Japan correspondent

Although I haven't picked up the DLC or physical edition yet because I got caught up with other stuff, all the hoopla around Sonic Mania has reminded me to go back. Not only is it a great game, but given Sonic's 'inconsistent' track record, it's the ideal time to jump in if you haven't. Other than that, I'm enjoying playing Hollow Knight on my big TV for the first time. The game is ace anyway, but when you have a long play session, see the lush, detailed environments in HD and then listen to the incredible soundtrack using a decent set of speakers, it's a joy. I'm also playing a neat little game that's out next week.

Ryan Craddock, staff writer

As is the case for pretty much any day that goes by at the moment, this weekend will absolutely see some Fortnite action as I try to work my way through this week's challenges. I didn't even know that there were dinosaurs on the map until a challenge popped up this week, so that's suddenly made things even more exciting.

I've also been getting stuck into DOOM recently as I had never played it before (although I am admittedly playing this one on PS4 rather than Switch because it was cheaper - sorry!). I've already been brutally murdered several times, but I love the satisfaction you feel from pulling off pistol and glory kill combinations - the fast pace really makes the game a joy to play. Definitely wishing I could be playing it on the go as well, though, so that'll teach me for next time!

Glen Fox, guides editor

Can't. Stop. Playing. Crash. Bandicoot! I'm absolutely addicted, and on my fourth playthrough of the first already. Yeah, I know it's not the best of the bunch but it has some of my favourite levels and I love its purity. It's also incredibly addictive trying to get all of the gems and beat it 100%! I probably won't be able to do it, but boy am I trying.

I am going to try really hard to put Crash aside for a bit though, so I can give Octopath Traveler the attention it deserves. I haven't dug into it near enough, but what little I've played definitely feels pretty special. It's weird playing a JRPG that feels simultaneously nostalgic and progressive, but that's exactly how I'd describe it. That mix of 16bit sprites and blocky 3D visuals really does it for me, and I can't wait to see more.

Liam Doolan, news reporter

My weekend is going to be a fast one. When I'm not tearing around the track in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as Link, I'll be speeding through the 'encore mode' in Sonic Mania Plus as Mighty and Ray. I played the original version of Sonic Mania on release and absolutely adored every aspect of it. Admittedly, though, I haven't been back since. It's great that there is a good excuse to revisit this absolute gem now that it has been polished just a little bit more. It's easily the best Sonic game in years - if not ever!

Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, reviewer

This weekend I'll be getting stuck into a double-header of games for reviews - Hunting Simulator and Hand of Fate 2. So yes, two games that couldn't be any more different if they tried. So, in the name of journalism, I'll be strapping on my favourite hunting rifle, adorning myself in all manner of camos and making weird noises to attract deer. So a normal weekend then, really.

I'll also be playing some more NBA 2K18 (I play every few weeks on Switch, even though I've played it to death on both my handheld console and PS4). All these new moves and signings in the NBA have got me back in the mood for the next Switch bound baller sim when NBA 2K19 arrives later this year.

Damien McFerran, editorial director

Galak-Z's shift to free-to-play mechanics may have left a sour taste in the mouth of many a fan, but I'm totally hooked, so that's likely to be the main thing I play this weekend. I really dig the space combat system (I'm used to the somewhat unique controls after playing the PS4 original) and while there's a lot of grinding, the end result is usually worth the effort. This game must have something going for it, because it's making me forget about both Octopath Traveler and Mario Tennis Aces!

Gonçalo Lopes, contributing writer

Looks like the ultimate Splatoon 2 Splatfest is right around the corner but I am still undecided if I should splat for squids or octopus - both fascinating creatures. Local retailers botched up my Octopath Traveller Compendium Edition pre-order (what is this, the Dark Ages!?) and gamer pride prevented me from simply taking a regular edition so the joys of 2D HD are still suspended until next week. So Ys VIII is very much on the menu along with some eShop gems like the (literally) stellar VSR: Void Space Racing and the poorly optimized but still ever sadistically entertaining Guts and Glory. Yes, I am aware I have issues.

Austin Voigt, contributing writer

First off, I’ll be replaying the original Ni no Kuni on PS3 this weekend - everyone stop judging me. There have been showings of old Miyazaki movies in the theaters in my area the past few weeks, so I’ve got a bit of a Ghibli buzz at the moment. I have not yet picked up Revenant Kingdom, because I refuse to purchase any non-Nintendo systems until they’re at least 10 years old and completely outdated - therefore, I don’t own a PS4. However, I would be delighted if the powers that be were to put Ni no Kuni on the Switch... (Level-5 president & CEO Akihiro Hino did say: “In the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch.” …please let that future arrive soon).

I’ll also likely continue to annoy Pathea’s Twitter account with incessant questioning on a Switch release date for My Time at Portia - because it looks amazing, and I am that insatiable gamer who is never satisfied with what I’ve already got.

Which games are you playing this weekend? (435 votes)

  1. Sonic Mania7%
  2. Hollow Knight4%
  3. Fortnite5%
  4. Doom2%
  5. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy4%
  6. Octopath Traveler28%
  7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe8%
  8. Hunting Simulator  0.2%
  9. Hand of Fate 2  0.9%
  10. NBA 2K18  0.5%
  11. Galak-Z: Variant S  0.7%
  12. Mario Tennis Aces4%
  13. Splatoon 213%
  14. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana4%
  15. VSR: Void Space Racing  0.5%
  16. Guts and Glory  0.2%
  17. Something else (comment below)17%

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