Indie games in physical form are not only wonderful little delights in their own right, but also part of what is quickly becoming a growing trend. There are several companies intent on bringing the most popular indie titles to a physical market audience - Super Rare Games, Limited Run Games, and Signature Edition Games to name a few - and their popularity appears to be going through the roof.

Super Rare Games recently announced a whopping nine new physical titles for Switch in one day, sickeningly tempting us to empty our wallets for a range of great Switch titles once again, but how does the whole process work? George Perkins, 'head of doing stuff' at Super Rare Games (yes, seriously), sat down with the folks at GeekRetro to explain.

Here's what he had to say when asked about the process behind choosing games worthy of release and the difficulties faced when releasing the games on Switch:

"We work very closely with the community to work out which ones people most want! Additionally, we are avid gamers and like to choose our favourite games. Often the two cross-over and we have the ideal situation!

"For the Nintendo Switch, the technical requirements are fairly low. The main difficulty arises from creating a marketing plan and helping the games reach a completely new audience. Luckily, every day our community grows and we have helped create a group of individuals who all love physical media."

We hear this a lot from indie developers working directly with Nintendo, but it seems that Super Rare Games finds working with the 'Big N' a pleasure, too:

"We work exclusively on the Switch and the process has been very fun with them! They are an amazing bunch of people and is very easy to work with them."

If you want to check out the full interview, make sure to give it a read here.

In the meantime, though, make sure to let us know if you've been building a collection of physical indie hits on Switch in the comments below.