As some reading these pages will already know, a number of the Nintendo Life team are based in the UK, and through our friendship with The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge we occasionally host gaming events with that awesome organisation. We thought we'd give you a quick reminder that the next one of these is coming up fast!

On Saturday 28th July we'll be hosting the Nintendo Life Gaming Night at the centre, from 6pm to 11pm. Here are some details taken from our event page:

The Centre for Computing History is once more teaming up with Nintendo Life for an evening of Nintendo-related fun.

We will have out as many of our Nintendo systems as we can muster, including four of the five pre-Famicom systems: the TV Color 6, TV Color 15, Racing 112, and Block Breaker Console.

Other machines playable will be the Famicom, Sharp Famicom Twin, NES, Super Famicom, Super Nintendo (both US and UK Models), SNES Mini and Super Famicom Jr, not one but three Virtual Boys, both Japanese and UK models of the N64, numerous GameCubes, a Wii or two, and the Wii U (phew!).

There will also be a resurrection of the Centre's 'knock-off Nintendo' display, featuring a collection of completely unofficial machines from around the world.  Lastly, there will be a complete display of all the Nintendo handhelds from the seminal Game Boy to the New 3DS.

The Nintendo Life team will be there throughout the evening to share their infinite knowledge of all things Nintendo with visitors. Nintendo Life's YouTube star Alex Olney will be hosting the tournament this year and there will be some great prizes. Start swinging your Joy-Cons as this year competitors will be facing off on ARMS on the Nintendo Switch.

A great event for all the family, young and old!

In addition to all of this, we're happy to announce that the lovely folks from Deadpan Robot will also be joining us to show everyone how Game Boys can be customised, as well as to sell various custom designs.

If you fancy coming along you can pick up reasonably priced tickets right here, including discounted rates on family ticket and concessions. Here's a quick round-up video from our last event a couple of years ago:

We hope to see you there!