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Another week is now upon us and it only feels right to kick things off in style with this officially licensed Pikachu USB charger, offering a slightly different way to charge your favourite devices.

Yes, Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing a brand new, officially licensed Pikachu USB charger that essentially looks like its rear end is sticking out of your living room wall. With only Pikachu's torso and below visible, the look is designed around the idea of Pikachu jumping into the plug socket ears first, generating electricity through its body to be passed on to a USB device of your choice.


The product actually comes as a response to the popularity of unofficial Pikachu 'butt chargers' that appeared on the market last year. Seemingly originating from China-based company Octinn, these Pikachu knock-offs had an even less favourable design, with a rather unfortunate USB port location.


At the moment, the official product is only available to those in Japan. The design is said to be part of an upcoming series, however, with Nintendo reportedly planning to release more chargers in the future. Perhaps, if they're successful enough, we might end up seeing the chargers make it over to the west.

Would you like your very own Pikachu USB 'butt charger'? Would this go well with your current home interior design? Let us know with a comment below.