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Following our poll on the issue of cracked Switch systems, we've been contacted by several people regarding their attempts to get the issue solved under warranty.

In case you somehow missed it, the issue appears to be related to the type of plastic used on the console, and (we assume, as we're no experts here) its reaction to the high levels of heat kicked out when the machine is running at full pelt, either in handheld or docked mode.

After publishing our original poll - in which 20 percent of over 1000 people stated their systems had developed cracks (that's 1 in 5 Switch consoles, math-fans) - Nintendo UK issued us with a statement which said it had not received enough 'confirmed' reports of the issue to take any action at this time, but that anyone with the problem should get in touch immediately.

We've had several such individuals who have contacted us and reported exactly what happens when you get in touch with Nintendo about the cracks. Matthew Croghan - who got in touch via Twitter after seeing the original story - has detailed the chain of events that led up to him being asked for a whopping £180 to fix the fault.

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According to Croghan, when booking your console in for a repair you first have to mail it to Nintendo for a screening - there is no indication at this point if your issue is covered by warranty. Once Nintendo had Croghan's console, he was sent the following emails:


A second reader - Dan Brandon - got in touch with us via email with a similar tale of woe:

Recently I saw an article about Switch consoles cracking under pressure. Mine did this and cracked right near the power button, so I sent it in for repair to Nintendo UK. They emailed me, saying that it would cost £150 to simply put on a new back cover. Now this isn't really that complicated of a job, so why it would cost so much is beyond me. I phoned them up and they simply said that the pricing was fixed, and that whilst they thought it was expensive, they didn't get to decide. I told them that it wasn't my fault, and it was a fault of the system, so really I shouldn't have to pay, let alone pay £150, but they didn't really recognise my point, so I ended up just asking for it to be sent back.

Again, we have copies of the emails sent to Brandon (click to enlarge):

We've had other reports come through via the site's comment section, too:

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It's worth noting that this problem doesn't seem to be present in North America, where we're hearing reports that consoles with cracks are being replaced under warranty:

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It would seem that Nintendo UK simply doesn't see this as an issue which is covered by its warranty, and - in perhaps not so many words - it feels that these cracks are down to the fault of the user, rather than an issue with the console itself.

Interestingly, there was a similar issue with the Nintendo DS Lite many years ago where the screen hinge would develop a crack. At the time, Nintendo replaced impacted units at no cost to the user, and it may well be that in the fullness of time the company adopts a similar stance here.

Have you sent your unit in for repair, or are you one of the lucky ones who hasn't been affected by this problem yet? Share your thoughts below.