PQube has revealed that Razed, a high-speed platform racer from Warpfish Games, is headed to the Switch later this year.

Razed is a speedy, single player racer that tasks players with making it to the finish line in the quickest time possible, darting their way around dynamic levels that are positively plagued with obstacles to wipe you out. You'll be unlocking power-boosting skills along the way, with every second gained bringing you one step closer to a triumphant run.

Here's a list of features for the game:

- Non-stop escalation: Sprint through 60 dynamic levels spread across six unique worlds, each with a distinct visual style, unlockable abilities and pulse-pounding boss battles.
- Chart your own course: Veer off the beaten path and carve your own way through levels to achieve seemingly impossible times and unlock the S ranks.
- Online leaderboards and ghost data: Challenge the world via online leaderboards, and race against friends’ ghosts in a game of asynchronous one-upmanship.
- Fuss-free speedrunning: Nobody wants to wait around while striving for perfection. Falling short of your target time? Simply jab the restart button to return to the start of the level without any loading times.
- Secret challenge levels: Employ all your different skills and abilities to find RAZED’s toughest maps and tackle them head-on.

Razed is scheduled to launch on Switch on 15th October, becoming available directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop on that date.

What do you think about this one? Share your early impressions with us down below.

[source nintendoeverything.com]