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The annual video game convention E3 is commonly associated with dark, gritty and seemingly cutting-edge reveals. Whilst many of these titles do in fact go on to be huge successes, the producer of Daemon X Machina, Kenichiro Tsukuda, is of the belief there's nothing particularly distinctive - from a visual standpoint - about a lot of game releases nowadays.

Speaking to Kotaku at this year's show, Kenichiro Tsukuda was happy to divulge what he thought while at the same time hoping players would appreciate Marvelous Entertainment's title for its colourful palette and stylised design:

These days a lot of games are starting to look a little similar...but we would [be] delighted if users appreciated something that stands out and looks a little different.

Outside of a 2019 release, Tsukuda didn't publicise much else beyond the basics in regards to the Switch-bound exclusive. When prompted, he did admit the game's uniqueness was inspired by team members' previous work on titles such as Monster Hunter Stories for the 3DS, and more evidently his own history with the Armored Core series.

Developing a game about mechs also appears to have Tsukuda questioning technology:

So I have this phone but I’m a little scared of whether I’m using it or it’s using me. Are we using machines or are we being used by them?

Do you think the Japanese producer has lost a bit of his sanity one year into the development cycle of Daemon X Machina, or does he raise some fair points about the visual similarities present within modern video games? Tell us below.