The news is out - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is headed to Nintendo Switch this December, bringing back every single character that has ever appeared in the franchise. Amazingly, it appears that all of this information surrounding the new release may have been teased by Nintendo years ago in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

In the Wii U game, a co-op event called 'The Ultimate Battle' can be played, tasking you with defeating every character that was present in the roster at the time. You can see a screenshot of this event's description screen in @LiquidHbox's tweet below.

The wording here is particularly interesting. You may remember that spine-tingling moment from the new game's reveal which declared "Everyone is Here!" (as seen below). Now, look back at the image in this tweet and compare - the emphasis given to the word "ultimate", as well as the "they're all here" line, are both surprisingly in line with the new reveal. *Cue mysterious, sci-fi conspiracy music*.


The chances of this being a definite tease and not just an almighty coincidence? Possibly rather slim. Although it's definitely possible that Sakurai and his team had already discussed the idea of having every fighter available in the next game, so maybe it was a cheeky little hint at things to come after all. We'll never know...

Was it a clever nod that wasn't picked up before now, or just a strange coincidence that has no meaning at all? Let us know which side you'd vote for in the comments below.