Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to be a greatest hits package worth waiting for, as it includes every character from the entire series, dating all the way back to the N64. However, for some fans, this isn't enough.

The fact that Waluigi never seems to catch a break has become something of a running joke in the world of Nintendo. When Smash Bros. Ultimate was revealed at E3 the reaction was initially light-hearted, with brands like Netflix getting in on the action. Waluigi will be part of the game - just as he's been in previous instalments - but he's going to be an assist trophy rather than a playable character.

While his omission from the playable roster has led to some amusing Memes, things have become a little less humourous recently, with several Twitter followers choosing to bombard series boss Masahiro Sakurai with angry messages and questionable content. This has led to Sakurai blocking several accounts on the popular social media service.

Given the sheer amount of effort Sakurai puts into his work, it's a little disappointing that certain fans feel the need to harass him about a single character - a character who has never been playable in Smash, at that.

There is, of course, an outside chance that Waluigi - along with other combatants - could come to the game as a DLC fighter, but we'd imagine that the negative reaction Sakurai has received from 'fans' might make him less inclined to include Luigi's bitter rival.

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