We've heard an increasing number of stories surrounding hacking attempts on Switch recently, and this latest Splatoon 2-centric hack has taken things a little too far.

There have been several reports of Splatoon 2 users using all manner of hacks to cheat in online multiplayer, or otherwise disrupt the natural content of the game. We've heard of players using unlimited ink cheats, rapid ink fire, and even the use of Octoling characters before they were officially released, and now hackers have started to use stages that haven't yet been made available in the main game.

The video below shows a Turf War match between one innocent team of players and a team who have hacked into the game, forcing the match to be played in the just-announced stage New Albacore Hotel. As you can see, the game doesn't include this stage in its available roster just yet, but the New Albacore Hotel location appears thanks to it being available for the other users. (You might want to turn down your headphone volume for this one).

Naturally, peoples' views on game hacking are very much divided, but forcing innocent users to play with unreleased content, or cheating your way to victory through illegal parameter changes is clearly not on. As hinted at by @_Luxin above, Nintendo does suggest that Splatoon 2 players report others who misuse the software, although this can only be done through the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Have you spotted any shifty behaviour in Splatoon 2? Do you feel that Nintendo should take action against those who use the game in this way? Let us know your thoughts below.

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