With the Octo Expansion dropping today and a new set of world champions crowned at E3 2018, Splatoon 2 is all up in the headlines. And here's one more, with news that the July update will bring with it a new stage and some brand new weapons.

The new details were revealed via the Japanese Splatoon 2 account, showcasing a new location called 'Hotel New Otolo' in Japanese (expect a slightly different name for the English version) and a set of new new weapons that translate as the 'Kugel Shriver' (a short-range splat device) and the 'Explosher' (which can spread pain in multiple explosions, but with a slow fire-rate). With Nintendo promising continued support for Splatoon 2 to at least December, dedicated Inklings will have plenty to keep them occupied.

Will you be playing the Octo Expansion today? What do you make of the upcoming additions to the game? Opinions, share them!