Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Mother series—Nintendo’s odd, modern day RPG—is one that’s had a weird relationship the West. After the first game failed to leave Japan (despite getting a full translation), the second game was eventually released here under the name Earthbound, to little fanfare. Though the game didn’t receive all that much attention around launch, a small community of fans slowly built up around the series, no doubt bolstered by series protagonists Ness and Lucas making several reappearances in Super Smash Bros. games. Eventually, Mother was released overseas as Earthbound Beginnings, but the third entry in the series—a Game Boy Advance exclusive—has never seen a release outside Japan.

IGN recently got to talk to Reggie Fils-Aime at E3 regarding releases such as this in the West, and while the exec didn’t have anything to announce, he at least wasn’t dismissive about it. When asked for a potential Mother 3 re-release, or perhaps that new Animal Crossing game that everyone was hoping would be announced, Reggie had a standard PR response prepared:

When we have something to announce, we will. Fill in the blank of your favorite franchise. Our mentality will be we’ll announce information close to its launch date versus teasing people for years on end.

Even after saying that, Reggie had something to say specifically about Mother 3:

Again, we know, I know there’s a fan base for that title. All I could say is we’re aware. It’s something that we always think about in terms of where there are opportunities to reintroduce IP to fans, to do it in a way that builds new fans, we’re certainly aware. No promises, no commitments one way or the other, but we’re aware.

It’s interesting. I show up at the Belasco [theater] and one fan is saying ‘Hi, Reggie!’ and another is saying ‘where’s Mother 3?’

Lastly, Reggie spoke to the disappointment that he witnessed when Nintendo failed to announce a new Animal Crossing this year, but he would only talk about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp:

I did see a lot of internet memes with sad faces from the Animal Crossing group. We see tremendous opportunity in using the mobile platform to introduce IP to consumers who may not be as familiar. Animal Crossing is a great example. Tremendous interaction with Pocket Camp. Fans are really enjoying that experience. We’re introducing it to new consumers. That bodes well for whenever the next Animal Crossing might come.

What do you think? Will we see Animal Crossing at next year’s show? Will we ever get Mother 3 out of Japan? Share your thoughts in the comments below.