With England's national football team securing a rather impressive win in the World Cup yesterday, and with a strangely bright and sunny start to the day this morning, spirits are certainly high and bubbly across the nation at the moment. It seems that Nintendo UK has gone a bit overboard with its celebrations, however, accidentally changing its online game pages to display in Russian.

As you can see below, visiting any game page on the website currently looks considerably different to usual. What was once an easy-to-read, English-language database of game information - a fitting language choice for the website's audience, we're sure you'll agree - has now turned into a complete mix up of English artwork and Russian text.

Russian Nintendo UK

Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself. 

Of course, in reality, this is likely just a technical mix up. It appears that the site is accidentally using a Russian language file, with the site's settings likely in a bit of bother. Still, it's much more fun to believe that there are some pesky Rabbids hiding in the coding somewhere, changing all of the data in a new bid to prank Mario and friends.

Who knows what shenanigans will ensue if England goes on to win this year!