After the small avalanche of Pokémon reveals last week, and the general buzz and discussion around Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, you'd be forgiven for pushing next year's core series RPG to the back of your mind for now. We didn't expect to learn too much about this title for a while, but a trickle of details have now emerged from The Pokémon Company's president.

Speaking with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Tsunekazu Ishihara has discussed all of the Pokémon games that came about from last week's announcement, including next year's RPG. Kindly shared by Japanese Nintendo, the first of these details confirm the news we've already been told - it will be releasing in the second half of 2019, and is an entirely new work (essentially meaning that it will not be a remake of previous games).

Things start to get a little more exciting, however, as Ishihara also mentions that the game should please long-time players of the series (presumably suggesting that this will be the core experience that diehard fans are craving), and that it will include many new Pokémon. While it seemed rather likely already, this should absolutely confirm the fact that this will be the start of 'Generation Eight'.

One final point to mention is the promise of improved image quality. With the series moving from the 3DS to the HD display of the Switch, you would hope for at least some level of improvement, but maybe this hints at a higher level of graphical loveliness than the bare minimum required. Could we see the 2019 game(s) take on a higher image quality than the Let's Go games arriving later this year? Perhaps.

As always, we now have no choice but to play the waiting game to see the final result. Things do seem promising, though, and we'll keep an eye out for any further information.

Are you looking forward to the 2019 game(s)? Let us know what you hope from them in the comments below.