Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is easily the most complete version of the game released to date, and if you have somehow avoided playing the Wii U and 3DS versions then you owe it to yourself to pick it up - as you'll know if you've consulted our exhaustive review.

However, Digital Foundry has been putting the title under intense scrutiny and has unearthed a rather strange technical decision relating to the handheld mode. 

When docked Hyrule Warriors runs in 1080p - an improvement over the Wii U original. However, when playing in portable mode the resolution remains at 1080p, and the Switch's GPU - which is down-clocked in handheld mode, lest we forget - really struggles with the additional load. The frame rate plunges to around 30fps or less, whereas in docked mode it's much, much higher. Switching to 720p in handheld mode (which is the maximum resolution of the console's screen anyway) would have made much more sense in this case.

Even in docked mode, that 1080p resolution causes issues. It's clearly too much for the console to cope with, and this results in a wildly variable performance level. Would Nintendo have been better to go for a lower resolution, such as 900p, and thereby obtain a solid 60fps? Or, as Digital Foundry points out, should Nintendo have given players the option to pick between 60fps or 1080p, 30fps, as is the case in Fire Emblem Warriors?

It may be that Nintendo issues a patch to introduce true 720p resolution in portable mode, or add other features which give smoother performance when playing docked. Let us know if you've noticed any performance problems during your time with the game, and tell us how you'd like Nintendo to solve this issue by posting a comment.