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E3 is but a week away, and leaks are coming from every direction. Usually, however, they don't come directly form Nintendo's own servers, as is the case with this report. Dataminer and Pokemon researcher Michael revealed an update for the as-yet unannounced Switch version of Epic's world-beating game has been uploaded to the Switch eShop in a series of tweets.

The image above appears to be Fornite's Switch icon, and matches the dimensions typically found in eShop postings. Just last week, Fornite also appeared on the Korean game ratings board, which itself appeared to corroborate a potential E3 leak

As the old saying goes, "where there's smoke, there's fire," and there certainly seems to be a lot of smoke surrounding Fortnite's eventual appearance on the Switch. In fact, with both ratings a patch now existing for the game, we would wager we may see the game release during E3. 

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