If you're a die hard fan of plastic Super Mario toys, fast food, and burgers presented inside a cardboard house (who isn't?), then you may remember we recently revealed that a Super Mario range of McDonald's toys would be returning to UK restaurants this summer.

Well, thanks to our undercover McDonald's reporter, we can now excitedly share some cheeky images of what we can expect to see. The toys will start appearing in restaurants up and down the country starting 6th June, and will then come to an end on 17th July.


There are ten different toys that will make an appearance, and thanks to this handy guide above, you can now plan which week you should visit McDonald's to get the toy you're most after. Some of these look really cool, too; we're liking the look of the very first toy available in week 1.

As you can see above, the final week (11th July - 17th July) will allow customers to get their hands on all toys, so hopefully you shouldn't miss out on your favourites if you're desperate to get your hands on them.

Will you be planning a visit to McDonald's this summer for some of these toys? Let us know down in the comments.