Super Mario - Happy Meals UK

Thanks to our undercover reporter at McDonalds UK, we have learnt the exciting news that Super Mario is returning to Happy Meal for the fourth time! The moustachioed plumber remains a firm favourite with families and this year’s promotion has a range of ten new Mario toys available. The promotion will run for six weeks from 13th June to 24th July, 2018.

We've lovingly typed up the information from this top secret staff memo for you lucky people (we've also redacted our contact's manager details for the sake of anonymity):

Happy Meal Box

- There will be three Happy Meal box designs, each of which will hero one of the iconic Super Mario characters - Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. The boxes will encourage kids to explore and protect the Mushroom Kingdom, featuring puzzles and activities as well as perforated props which will help them transform into one of the gang!

- UK only - As always there is a Happy Readers book offer printed on the box. Parents can pop out the voucher and use it to purchase a book from WHSmith (or Eason in Northern Ireland) for £1. Parents can also use the e-voucher to download a free book from


- There are ten toys available, all are games which feature popular Super Mario characters or worlds

Super Mario - Happy Meals UK

We can also proudly reveal that the delicious and much-demanded melon fruit bag is making a comeback too!

We haven't yet seen the designs for these ten new toys, but as a refresher we sent our YouTuber Alex out last year to check out the 2017 range of Super Mario Happy Meal Toys. At this rate he's going to get fat.

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