This weekend, Russian Nintendo fans were able to try out Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes — but they had to travel all the way to Moscow. Nintendo’s Russian branch had a booth at the Hinode Power Japan event, and, amongst other games, Suda51’s latest creation was demonstrated to the visitors.

It wasn’t the exact same demo as featured at other conventions, though, as players who completed it were greeted with a cryptic but rather exiting message — at least for local Nintendo fans. As one can see on photos spread on social media, one of the key characters suddenly starts speaking in Russian, with the error message "the font not being implemented" preventing the words from coming through.

The simple “yet” at the end — and Travis’ promise to “come back to Moscow once they fix the font” — made Russian fans rather excited, as the speculation about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes followed. 


Nintendo Switch is a platform of many firsts as far as Russian localisations go (most notably, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the first Zelda game translated into the language), so if it’s indeed a hint, Grasshopper Manufacture’s action game might join the list in the future.

While it may be nothing more than a lighthearted shout-out to Russian fans, the fact the developers went to great lengths to include a personalised message for a single regional event does warm the heart.

[source xyab.club]