The rumour mill is working overtime once again, this time churning up reports that three new additions will be joining the ranks for Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Switch. Said rumour claims classic Metroid baddie Ridley, the Ice Climbers and Castlevania slayer Simon Belmont are bound for the franchise.

So are these rumours really to be believed. Well, they come from Gamefaqs user Vergeben, a 'leaker' who has a track record for confirming both accurate and inaccurate info when it comes to fighting games. For instance, they correctly revealed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were coming to Injustice 2 and that Grøh would be joining Soul Caliber 6.

The Ice Climbers have already made appearances in the Smash series already, so that's hardly a shocking name drop. Simon Belmont is an odd addition, but he's certainly a good fit for a fighting game with his iconic whip. Ridley is the character we've least surprised to see here, and the most skeptical about. His absence in the series has become an obsessive point of contention for hardcore fans, and with series head Masahiro Sakurai casting doubt on his inclusion in recent years, the Metroid dino remains one of the most asked for additions.

So what do you make of these rumours? Will Ridley finally be joining the ranks? Share your thoughts below...