It's hard to remember life before sophisticated digital cameras were bundled into a small slab of very thin microchips we carry around with us at all times, but it definitely happened.

Back in 1998 most of us were taking photos on good old fashioned 35mm film and just hoping for the best when we took them to get dunked in chemicals and made real. Digital cameras did exist, and were very basic, but devices such as the Game Boy Camera offered quite a bit of fun for those who were prepared to work around the limitations of a 0.016 megapixels in four delicious shades of grey.

Reddit user HardSleeper shows us that, with the right planning, the Game Boy Camera can take some quite impressive photos, despite its obvious limitations. He did cheat a bit and use a clip on smartphone lens, but the results are so impressive we're more than willing to overlook the use of a new-fangled technological attachment.

Take a look at some of his best shots:

The new F1 logo in 8-bit greyscale
The Two McLarens
A Mercedes
The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia car
Daniel Ricciardo on the way to an epic win

And here's his humble setup in action:

The Game Boy, camera and lens combo in action

You can read the full story over on his Reddit post. Be sure to let us know what you think of these lovely low-res snaps with a comment below.