Pokemon GO
Image: Pokemon Company

The annual fiscal results of The Pokémon Company have been published a recent issue of the Japanese government’s Official Gazette, with net profits of US$80 million posted for the company's 20th fiscal year (which ended on 28th February).

Enduring mobile mega-hit that is Pokémon GO is the main driving force here, however, the figure actually shows a considerable drop in profits compared to the previous year where it jumped from US$5.7 million to US$145.6 million. So a mightily impressive performance, but one best viewed in context.

Here are some of those fiscal results, dating back to 2009, courtesy of Serkantoto:

  • 11th fiscal (for the year that ended on February 28, 2009): US$10.1 million
  • 12th fiscal: -US$1.3 million (loss)
  • 13th fiscal: US$12.3 million
  • 14th fiscal: -US$3.6 million
  • 15th fiscal : US$16.8 million
  • 16th fiscal: US$10.8 million
  • 17th fiscal: US$18.7 million
  • 18th fiscal: US$5.7 million
  • 19th fiscal: US$145.6 million
  • 20th fiscal: US$80.8 million

What do you make of these results? Will Pokémon GO continue to perform, or will its popularity eventually wane and tail off? Share your thoughts below...

[source serkantoto.com]