Treasure has teamed up with Nicalis to bring at long last (after some cruel teasing) legendary Arcade/Gamecube/Dreamcast cult classic Ikaruga digitally to the Switch on the 29th of May.

The complete experience - featuring local co-op along with online leader boards and Switch TATE option - will set you back $15 in America, with prices yet to be announced for other regions. Nicalis president Tyrone Rodriguez marked the occasion with the following statement:

I’ve always thought that Ikaruga is one of the most perfect vertical shooters of all time, and I know that a lot of shooter fans agree. The fanboy in me is honored that Nicalis can work with Mr. Maegawa and Treasure in bringing this legendary game to Nintendo Switch.

We have a feeling Mr. Rodriguez is not alone judging from the excitment from our very own NL arcade enthusiast community. Bask in the glory of the official announcement trailer below.

Will you be picking this up for the first time, or are planning to finally retire your GameCube or Dreamcast copy when this one releases? Take a deep breath and tell us what's on your mind in the comments below.

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