Hardly a day goes by at Nintendo Life Towers when we don't daydream about Ikagura one day appearing on Nintendo Switch. Smooth 60fps in both docked and portable mode? Check. Optional TATE mode for both modes? Double check. We do like to daydream around here, but looks like we might not be the only ones debating such issues, because Treasure tweeted the following:

The tweet refers to the challenge of  "The side (horizontal position) is perfect, but the vertical position is a little short." Seems like a challenge worthy of the maestros at Treasure, so we hope this tweet is indication that something real is indeed being considered in the near future.

Would you fellow NL readers of impeccable shmup taste be interested in having Ikaruga any time, anywhere?  Phase shift your comments below please...

[source twitter.com, via nintendoeverything.com]