Nintendo's plans for retro games on Switch don't seem to include the Virtual Console, and at the time of writing the company is going to focus on 8-bit titles when its online subscription service launches this September.

However, one hacker has decided that they can't wait for SNES games to appear on their Switch and has hacked the console in order to copy over the UI and library of the SNES Classic Edition.

YouTuber Sam Breadman appears to have taken the software side of the SNES Classic and has ported it over to his hacked Switch - the video only shows navigation through the menu system and no actual games running, but assuming Breadman has the whole thing working, this is quite an achievement.

It also makes you wonder if Nintendo could potentially release the NES and SNES Classics in 'digital' form on Switch; presented as download for a reasonable price, we're sure many would buy this collection a second time simply to have access to all those amazing games on the go. Who knows?