Sorcerer's Lair

Over the weekend, we held a free tournament on Pinball FX3 to celebrate the launch of the game’s new performance patch, and plenty of you showed up to the digital arcade for a shot at the coveted top spot. Now that the tournament has closed, we've got the top five scores listed, and they pack quite a punch.

Just for a quick recap, the tournament used the Sorcerer’s Lair table employed classic rules with no power ups. A grand total of 179(!) of you took part in the competition over the course of two days. The top five players had the following scores:

  • gaz5021 – 5.827 million*
  • SpoonyTech – 5.704 million
  • Stuzz – 2.402 million
  • rizy – 1.481 million
  • Charlie – 1.377 million

*Fun Fact: This isn’t even their highest score. gaz5021 has invested over 415 hours into Pinball FX3 and currently holds the second highest score for the table in the world at 24,429 million. Hats off to you, mate.

We would love to continue doing weekend tournaments like this if the community would be up for it, so let us know in the comments below!