Brighton-based independent developer Snap Finger Click, the team behind ACT IT OUT! on Wii U, has just revealed the first details of its new party game, Awkward.

Taking the title rather literally, Awkward is designed to test how much friends and family really know about each other, with over 5,000 questions that must first be answered by one player, before another attempts to correctly guess how they responded. The questions vary from trivial matters about food and pop culture to, in the game’s final round, several debate-provoking issues that could cause quite a stir.

The game is played locally by passing the controller between one and six players, although an option to stream the game via Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer, allows for audiences of up to 500,000 viewers to simultaneously play along. Unfortunately, due to the lack of any in-built streaming features on Switch, the Nintendo version is currently missing out on this mode and is only available via other platforms.

Awkward is set to be priced at £9.99 / €12,99 / $11.99 and will launch on Switch on 19th June.

Will you be gathering your friends and family for some awkward games of Awkward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.