Nintendo has revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold 8.48 million copies on Switch and 1.5 million copies on Wii U, giving a combined total of almost ten million units worldwide. This makes it the best-selling Zelda outing of all time - but only if you don't include remasters.

The previous record-holder was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which sold 8.85 million copies across GameCube and Wii. If you factor in sales of the Wii U update, Twilight Princess HD, then it beats Breath of the Wild's total. The Wii U remaster is believed to have sold around 1.23 million units, which would make a combined total of 10.08 million copies for that outing.

While we're talking about remasters, it gets even more interesting if you include Ocarina of Time. That sold 7.6 million units on the N64 and 4 million units on the 3DS, making a combined total of 11.6 million units.

It's quite possible that Breath of the Wild - which is still selling - will add more to its haul over the next 12 months. It might not top 12.74 million, but when Breath of the Wild 4K Edition launches on the Switch 2 in 2023, it might have a shot.