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We didn't think much to Gal*Gun 2 if we're perfectly honest, but it seems that many people picked up the physical version when it launched in North America recently.

Strangely, a printing error means that copies of Gal*Gun 2 have artwork for Wild Guns Reloaded printed on the inside of the cover. Yep, we don't get it either. 

Gal*Gun 2 is published by PQube, while Wild Guns is a Natsume game; perhaps the company which prints these inlays got them mixed up, or maybe someone at PQube used the wrong artwork (they both have "Gun" in the title, after all). If we find out the real reason, we'll update this post.

We're assuming this impacts all physical copies of the game - let us know if your copy has the same printing error by posting a comment below.