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Most of us love Super Mario games, and many of us would consider ourselves to be fairly decent at them, but completing an entire game in around half an hour without using a single power-up is going way beyond the skill level we could ever hope to possess.

Amazingly enough, though, that is exactly what speedrunner MyLittleWalrus has recently achieved in New Super Mario Bros.. The video below is a recording of his entire run-through which was initially streamed on Twitch, showing you exactly how he managed to complete this outstanding accomplishment.

This run was enough to earn MyLittleWalrus a world record in the 'Low%' (No Power-Ups) category, with his time of 30:37 beating the previous record held by koffingrockz by almost a whole minute. We love how chilled out he seems at the end of the video, too; we'd be bouncing off the walls if we could manage something as precise and tricky as this.

Do you dabble in the world of speedrunning? Do you have any impressive gaming achievements to share? Feel free to boast about your successes in the comments below.

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