With Nintendo Labo a mere few weeks away, we're getting more than a little excited to start seeing the world in cardboard. Enter the latest Toy-Con Garage tutorial from Nintendo, which this week details how you can make a functional guitar out of your Nintendo Switch, some rubber bands and a little cardboard.

Using the frighteningly deep canvas that is Toy-Con Garage - where you can design your own Labo creations from scratch - you can set the pitch and notes of all six strings on the touchscreen and attach the rubber bands around the device to create that tactile feel of strumming. You can even use one of the Joy-Cons to alter the notes, effectively enabling you to create a virtual fretboard. Add a rad cardboard body and neck and you'll be shredding like Kirk Hammett in no time.

Nintendo Labo launches on 20th April in North America and 27th April in Europe.

Let us know what you made of the video above, and whether you'll be picking up Labo when it launches later this month...