Sonic Mania

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Sonic Mania would be receiving a fairly substantial update later on this year in the form of Sonic Mania Plus, which will be adding new characters, remixed levels, and various other enhancements to make this fantastic throwback even better. The update is due to release in the summer, yet SEGA accidentally just blundered and released an early version of the patch that will precede it.

Some PS4 players in the UK caught an update (which is no longer available) for Sonic Mania on the PlayStation Store and downloaded it, revealing some early details of what’s to come alongside the expansion. Here’s a list of the changes, compiled by TwistedVivid on Reddit:

  • All zones that lacked transitions now have them
  • You can skip all cutscenes
  • Skipping cutscenes between acts makes you lose your shield oddly
  • Menus got a total overhaul
  • You can now change the options on Save Files. Meaning you can use Insta-Shield, Super Peel out and & Knuckles mode in save file.
  • The time limit can be disabled through this option
  • Multiplayer added a non-stretched mode
  • There's a new DLC options in the menu
  • Metal Sonic boss fight got changed in multiple ways
  • Phase 2 was tampered to be reduced to 3 hits & for Silver Sonic to shoot bullets out to hit Metal when killed
  • The run afterwards is shortened to reduce time
  • Metal Sonic boss third phase got totally redone with a fight with Metal Sonic Kai from Knuckles Chaotix but only its Blue Metal Sonic Kai
  • New graphics & sound effects were added as well
  • Hydrocity Zone Act.2's transition to the second phase of its boss got touched up on (there's a tube graphic & you get pushed out of water now)
  • Super Sonic got new animations including a brand new idle animation
  • The ice blocks in Press Garden Act.2 got a graphical change
  • The unused animations of characters looking back & forth in ice blocks got added
  • Tails Chemical Plant Act.1 intro cutscene got added (it's a new animation, not the known unused one)

Also, here’s a video showing off some of the new changes:

Though thankfully none of the Plus content was in this update, it’s very likely that Switch owners will see a similar patch go out in August when the expansion does arrive.

What do you think? How did SEGA let something like this slip out? What else would you like to see in the Plus expansion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.