According to a report from Florida TV station WFTV, Universal Studios is expected to launch a Pokémon Park as soon as 2020.

The information comes from the channel's news anchor Jamie Holmes, who along with Theme Park University blogger Josh Young, has spoken to numerous sources inside the company who say Pokémon is indeed coming to Universal Orlando. This new Pokémon dreamland is expected to be added to the KidZone section alongside Woody Woodpecker and Barney.

Originally, that particular area was planned to become home to new Mario Kart and Donkey Kong roller coasters, but these will apparently now join part of a larger Nintendo-themed park that is set to be built on Universal's latest land purchase near Kirkman Avenue.

Of course, we already knew that a Nintendo park was coming to Orlando - albeit a few years after the proposed 2020 Super Nintendo World at Universal in Osaka - but the addition of a separate Pokémon area suggests that Nintendo has secured a very decent amount of park space. 

Are you excited to see the results of Nintendo and Universal's collaborations? What Pokémon-themed rides would you like to see?

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