Aksys Games has announced Quad Fighter K for Nintendo Switch, a 4-player co-op shooter set to launch this summer.

Set far into the future, the game sees a mysterious alien race setting its sights on the conquest of the Earth, hoping to destroy the entire human race. Despite humanity's best efforts, the alien invaders' superior technology proved too much and they took over most of the planet. Just before all hope was lost, however, the remaining survivors stumbled across alien artefacts that could help them to launch one last attack against the alien race. Your job will be to lead this assault and destroy the very heart of the alien stronghold.

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Features of Quad Fighter K include:

- It's Dangerous to Go Alone: The alien forces are an overwhelming force, but one you don't have to face alone. Bring along three friends and face the alien hordes with local co-op play!

- It's not Retro, it's Timeless: With 8-bit graphics and a focus on pure arcade shooting action, Quad Fighter K harkens back to the times when it was all about you (and perhaps a couple of friends), a quarter, and lightning-fast reflexes.

- Quad Fighter Powers, ACTIVATE!: Do your best work solo, or unleash real damage by linking your ship with a teammate to crush your foes and save the planet. Unlock different attacks by connecting your ship with your allies.

- Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Whether you're gaming at home or on the run, thanks to the mighty morphing powers of the Nintendo Switch™, you can take out the alien hordes threatening our alternate Earth whenever, wherever.

As mentioned, Quad Fighter K is scheduled to launch on the Nintendo eShop this summer - we'll make sure to keep an eye out for future announcements.

Until then, let us know what you think in the comments below.