God of War may be enjoying a triumphant return to relevance with its latest instalment on PS4, but that doesn't mean that critical success in the West translates into equal popularity on the other side of the world. In fact, if the sales charts on Amazon Japan are anything to go by, Nintendo Labo is proving a far more enticing prospect.

Nintendo Labo's Variety Kit is currently sitting at number one, with the PS4-exclusive God of War at number two and Jikkyou Powerful Professional Baseball 2018 at number three. Another Nintendo Labo bundle sits at four, with Kirby Star Allies rounding off the top five.

Neither game is out yet in Japan, so these are just pre-order numbers, but it's great to see Labo already trending so well ahead of its full launch. As to whether it can weather the storm that is a bearded Kratos remains to be seen in the weeks to come...

Nintendo Labo launches in the West on 27th April. Will you be picking up a Toy-Con pack, or will you prefer to kill creatures from Norse Mythology? Let us know below...

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