Once upon a time the FMV was all the rage in video games, especially back on PC in the '90s. Well, it's having something of a comeback on Switch. First, there's the recently released The Bunker, and now Japanese handheld owners are getting another live-action romp in the form of horror outing, Closed Nightmare.

Mixing live-action sequences, exploration and other in-game challenges, the game follows the unfortunate journey of a kidnapped woman attempting to escape a gruesome experiment. Heroine/victim Maria Kamishiro also has her left arm paralyzed, although we don't know how that will affect gameplay (if at all) just yet.


It's due to hit Nintendo Switch in Japan on 19th July. No news yet on a western version. So what do you make of this unusual offering? Do live-action segments still have a place in modern gaming? Have your say below...