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Shenmue III may be getting some stick of late for its rather unusual character models, but as fans of the first two games on the Sega Dreamcast, we can't wait to play this third outing.

It would seem that a great many people feel the same way, and as a result we're getting into "wishful thinking" territory when it comes to the platforms the game will launch on.

During a recent interview, designer Yu Suzuki was asked if the game would be coming to Switch - a rather unusual question given that Sony is part-funding the game's production, marketing, and publishing (the only confirmed console release is for the PS4, unsurprisingly).

Gameblog: When Shenmue III was announced back in 2015, it was slated for PS4 and PC. Since then, the Switch was released – it’s a hit and players ask for every game on Switch. Is it possible, and not necessarily in 2018, for Shenmue III to be released on Switch?”

Suzuki: It’s classified information (laughs).

(We were starting to ask the next question when Yu Suzuki interrupts)

Suzuki: Excuse me, wait a second. Regarding Switch, I would like to say that nothing is planned for the moment.

While it may well be that the agreement with Sony only secures timed exclusivity for Shenmue III on PS4, it's perhaps unwise to expect it to release on any console other than Sony's. However, we expect the more optimistic fans out there will take Suzuki's rather vague response as all the evidence they need that a Switch release is incoming.

It's an odd reversal of the merry Twitter dance which regularly sees PS4-owning Bayonetta fans pestering PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya for a PS4 sequel before getting blocked by him (Nintendo has funded the past two Bayonetta titles, so they are understandably exclusive to Nintendo's consoles).

Do you think we'll ever see Shenmue III on Switch, or do you suspect Sony's involvement will lock down the game as a PS4 exclusive forever? Let us know with a comment.

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