As technology improves, it nearly always gets smaller unless it's a smartphone. Twenty years ago the idea of being able to store half a terabyte of information on a card the size of your fingernail was utter madness. Hell, the idea of being able to store half a terabyte at all at a consumer level was but the fevered dream of a madman.

And yet here we are, able to show off to you the world's largest commercial available Micro SD card that holds a whopping 512GB on its tiny footprint, courtesy of Integral. It's an ideal partner for the Nintendo Switch if you're willing to cough up the somewhat intimidating price tag of £299.99, and contrary to certain fears the UHS-I standard is perfectly useable on Nintendo's hybrid.

We tested the card to see its read and write capabilities (as well as verifying that it is indeed 512GB), and the results were pretty damned tasty. Super Mario Odyssey took just 1.5 seconds longer to load from the Micro SD card as opposed to the Switch's internal storage, and was actually 4.5 seconds faster than loading from the physical game card.

Write speeds were almost as impressive, with the Switch being able to download Sonic Mania onto the internal storage in 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and download to the Micro SD card in 2 minutes and 36 seconds. At a difference of just 19 seconds which is about 14% it's certainly not as nippy as the standard storage that comes on the Switch but that's to be expected really and can't be argued as a significant difference.

All in all we're very pleased with what Integral has offered with this card. At the end of the day it is only a means of storage and there isn't an awful lot it can get wrong beyond slow data transfer, which thankfully it doesn't show any significant signs of with the Switch. Let us know whether your pockets are deep enough to consider picking one of these beasts up in the comments below.

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