Major third-party support on the Switch is still a hot issue for fans of the console, as the debate rages on about whether Nintendo’s hybrid is capable of running the kind of games that AAA developers produce. Still, several companies have had pleasing results, and the upcoming remaster of Dark Souls looks like it will perform just fine. Although we still have a few months to go before the game launches, early footage from the trailer gives an idea of what to expect in the final release.

Digital Foundry recently posted a video where it analyzes Dark Souls: Remastered and compares the snippets of footage form the Nintendo Direct trailer with equivalent footage on the Xbox 360. The findings indicate that the remaster will essentially just upscale all the original assets to 1080p, while throwing in some extra lighting effects to enhance the experience that much more. Still, minor framerate drops from the trailer footage indicate that the final product will perhaps dip below 30 FPS from time to time.

What do you think? Will you be getting Dark Souls for your Switch? Do you think the next two will eventually land on the console? Share your thoughts in the comments below.